Boss Hogg 100 2016

2016 BOSS HOGG 100






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The July 30th 100 lap Prostock race, which made it’s debut in 1991, is named after longtime racer and former Wiscasset Speedway owner Dave “Boss Hogg” St Clair.






WISCASSET, MAINE – Andy Saunders is the kind of boss that everyone wants. Why? He shows people how the job is done and never hovers over your shoulder, as seen last Saturday night when he dominated the Boss Hogg 100 with over a 5-second lead. Driving the #01 from Ellsworth, Saunders is doing more than just leading by example in the Prostocks. He also leads the division’s points this season, with three feature wins and three other top five finishes.

Competitors and fans from all over the state flooded Wiscasset Speedway last Saturday to watch the Boss Hogg 100, sponsored by LLP Transport of Jefferson and Ideal Portable Toilets of Wiscasset. Over the years, some of Maine’s most notable Prostock drivers have walked away with first place, including multi-track champion and 2014 Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee Mike Rowe. Starting in 1991, this event was named after former track owner, Dave St. Clair. Not only can fans watch Dave kick off every year with a Dukes-of-Hazard race around the field in a vintage sheriff car, but they also get to cheer for his #14 Prostock as he competes in his namesake event. With $3,000 winner’s share of the purse and extra cash throughout to pack leaders, this 100-lap race guarantees high action from beginning to end.


With nineteen Prostocks on the course, Wiscasset Speedway roared when the 100-laps began, Saunders shadowing the rear bumper of Dillon Moltz of the #5, who had immediately jumped into the lead. Scott Chubbuck of the #15x pushed from the third position, making Saunders the filling in an aggressive sandwich for the first dozen laps. Travis Benjamin of the #17 let the three pack leaders distract each other while he worked the outer lane to gain speed on the turns. Drivers stayed competitive but single file mid-field, while the back of the pack continued their green-flag fury lap-after-lap.


Two cautions in laps 22 and 23 gave Saunders the chance to grab the lead from Moltz, but to say he held it by a thread would be an understatement. Jacob Dore of the #05x overtook the #17 in lap 36, despite the latter achieving the night’s best lap time – milliseconds away from 90 mph! Benjamin finally conceded his outer lane tactics to rejoin the inside, where he remained in fifth position for the rest of the feature.


Around the halfway point, all eyes were trained on Saunders and Moltz in the lead when Chubbuck, also a former Boss Hogg Champion, came out of nowhere. After he overtook Moltz, Chubbuck put up an intense battle with Saunders that lasted until the #15x spun toward the infield with less than forty laps to go.

Saunders was quick to take advantage of his rival’s tragic fall from the top five and implemented his plan for track domination. With traffic heavy throughout the course, Saunders was able to gain wide margins while his shadows were blocked over and over again. Once the scoreboard showed five laps to go, it was clear that sheer speed alone could not demote Saunders from becoming the night’s boss. Chubbuck patiently waited in fourth until the very end, when he caught his final wind of the night to outman Dore for third place in a thrilling photo finish.


Even though he came in 11th, one place shy of his Top Ten goal, Dave “Boss Hogg” St. Clair gave fans a thrill when he threw down donuts on the back stretch. For his epic win, Saunders took home over $4,600 in purse money, including significant lap leader prizes and the Halfway Point Brackett’s Market Leaders Bonus.


Other drivers earning lap leader cash were Chubbuck with five laps led and Moltz with twenty. The Hard Charger Award, given to the driver able to advance the most positions, was taken home by Nate Tribbett of the #13, earning him a $500 credit to AR Bodies.



1st: #01, Andy Saunders (Ellsworth)

2nd: #5, Dillon Moltz (Waterford, CT)

3rd: #15x, Scott Chubbuck (Bowdoin)

4th: 05x, Jacob Dore (Sanford)

5th: #17, Travis Benjamin (Morrill)

6th: #13, Nate Tribbett (Richmond)

7th: #1, Mike Moody (Topsham)

8th: #29, Kevin Morse (Woolwich)

9th: #12, Thomas True (Woolwich)

10th: #05, James Osmond (Wiscasset)

11th: #14, Dave St. Clair (Liberty)

12th: #01x, Joe Decker (Chesterville)

13th: #91jr, Mike Orr (Wiscasset)

14th: #2R, Chris Ryan (Newburyport)

15th: #1, Jeff Burgess (Oakland)

16th: #96, Wyatt Alexander (Ellsworth)

17th: #05R, Phil Richardson Jr (Hermon)

18th: #15, Nick Hinkley (Wiscasset)

19th: #23, Brandon Sprague (Edgecomb)



RULES – 2016 BOSS HOGG 100


REGISTRATION FEE = $50 in advance / $75 day of race

To register – call Vanessa Jordan (207) 491-3720


CAR RULES = STANDARD WISCASSET SPEEDWAY PROSTOCK RULES (go to “Divisions & Rules” and scroll to Prostock). Note that dry sump motors will be permitted for this year’s race with weight penalty (see rules)


TIRES = The tire for the BH100 will be the standard Wiscasset Speedway Prostock Tire = Hoosier 27.0/10.0-15 3035 and 26.5/10.0-15 3045.

* Teams are permitted to purchase a maximum of 6 new tires to be used race day. At the time of Driver Meeting & Draw at 5:00 pm Drivers must declare 4 tires to be raced heat & feature and may register 2 tires as spares (new or used).

* During the race, drivers may ONLY change a tire if it is cut.

* Tires may be purchased Friday 7/29 or Saturday 7/30 (any tires purchased Friday 7/29 may be mounted but will be impounded at the track)

* Questions on tires should be directed to Tire Manager James Bailey


RACE RULES (non point race)

HEAT LINE UP = Open Draw (following mandatory 5:00pm Driver Meeting)

HEAT LAPS = 10 laps (# of heat races tbd based on number of entries)


FIELD = max 28 cars

FEATURE LAPS = 100 green flag laps (no race break, no mandatory stop)




AR Bodies 1

The New England short track season is upon us and AR Bodies will once again support Wiscasset (Maine) Speedway racers with Hard Charger award for another one of the track’s premiere events in 2016.

Wiscasset brought back extra distance Pro Stock/Super Late Model racing in 2014 and the track’s fastest full fender class will return for the Boss Hogg 100 presented by LLP Transport and Ideal Portable Toilets on Saturday August 8th at 6:00pm. Once again the, driver that comes farthest through the field will go home with one of AR Bodies’ popular $500.00 “M” package discount certificates for their efforts.

“Hard chargers put on a show for the fans,” said AR Bodies’ President Jerry Criswell; ” they may not win or make the podium, but they add excitement to any race and AR Bodies is glad that we can recognize and reward them for their efforts.”

AR Bodies is based in Greenbrier, TN and is one of the founding members of the ABC (Approved Body Configuration) program, serving speedways and touring series throughout the United States and Canada. AR Bodies manufactures a full line of track tested and proven race car bodies and components.

Find out more at




Purse (Approx) $7,235
Finish Position  Base Payout  Sponsor Bonus $$ Total Payout   Sponsor Credits
1st $1,500 $1,500 $3,000 $1,000 Forest Peaslee & $500 Richard Jordan
2nd $750 $250 $1,000 $250 Jordan Lumber & Jordan Excavation
3rd $500 $250 $750 $250 Jordan Lumber & Jordan Excavation
4th $400 $400
5th $375 $375
6th $350 $350
7th $325 $325
8th $300 $300
9th $250 $250
10th $225 $225
11th $200 $200
12th $150 $150
13th $140 $140
14th $130 $130
15th $120 $120
16th $110 $110
17th $110 $110
18th $100 $100
19th $100 $100
20th $100 $100
21st $100 $100
22nd $100 $100
23rd $100 $100
24th $100 $100
25th $100 $100
26th $100 $100
27th $100 $100
28th $100 $100
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