Strictly Shootout 2016


presented by McKeage’s Top Gun Contractors




 The Top Gun Strictly Shootout is a race that was the brainchild of longtime racer Dave Brannon. His vision, to bring together the top Strictly Street / Wildcat / Outlaw racers from the state of Maine for an action-packed 40 lap “shootout” style race for money and bragging rights as well as the big trophy and cowboy hat that go to the winner. Thirty drivers rolled onto the 3/8 mile track for the main event with many of the top contenders locked back in the middle of the pack, thanks to inversion draw that had flipped the front thirteen cars in the starting grid. The first caution of the race came out on the second lap with cars scrambling through turn four including defending race champ #51 Kyle Hewins who spun to the bottom of the turn. The #4 of Jordan Russell held the early lead, but as short lived with Kurt Hewins wheeling his #55 to the top spot from 2 rows back. The first major turn of the race came on lap 15 as a lapped car of came spinning out of turn two onto the back stretch, collecting the 2nd place car of Russell. On the ensuing restart Zach Bowie took his shot at the champ, taking the lead for one circuit, but once again Hewins withstood the challenge and charged to the lead the next time around. As the race unfolded, much the same as the regular season at Wiscasset, while other contenders struggled to find consistency, Kurt Hewins was the constant. Lap 25 saw the next caution for a two car tangle between Nate Leavitt and Ben Ashline. However, Bowie would pit from his 2nd place position for a tire going down. The #51x of Bryan Robbins and #61 of Matt Dufault were the next pair to step up and challenge Hewins. But on the ensuing restart Dufault would connect with Robbins out of turn 4. bringing out the race’s 4th caution and taking both out of contention. The race settled into a green flag run for the remaining 16 laps. Inaugural Shootout winner Cole Watson had lingered around the top 10 for much of the race and it was his turn to try to wrestle the lead from Hewins. He was joined by veteran racer Zack Emerson who had meticulously picked his way into contention. The challenge for the lead was short lived and Hewins gradually pulled away and took the win by a half straightaway. The 2016 Wiscasset champ put an exclamation point on his season with his 6th win of the year. Fan’s attention would turn to the battle for 2nd over the final five laps as the two champion drivers (one from Beech Ridge, one from Oxford) waged a heated battle for the runner-up trophy. Emerson finished a last lap outside pass to secure 2nd. Watson picked up his third podium appearance in the 4-year history of the Top Gun Shootout with his 3rd place finish. Union’s Mac Hannan Jr’s #40 car spent the entire race in the top 10 and finished 4th. The big mover of the race was the #09 of Ryan Ripley who raced up from 29th to finish 5th.



1.    #55h    Kurt Hewins            Leeds
2.    #23      Zack Emerson        Sabattus
3.    #45      Cole Watson           Naples
4.    #40      Mac Hannan Jr       Union
5.    #09      Ryan Ripley            Thomaston
6.    #97      Dan Brown              Peru
7.    #15      Ben Ashline             Pittston
8.    #51      Kyle Hewins            Leeds
9.    #17      Gary Davis              Harrison
10.  #36x    Nathan Leavitt         Scarborough
11.  #51x    Bryan Robbins         Montville
12.  #04      Zac Bowie               Turner
13.  #15x    Tyler Robbins         Montville
14.  #24      Ray Letellier            Gorham
15.  #5x      Guy Childs               Sabattus
16.  #2        Jeremy Morais         n/a
17.  #8        Craig Robbins          Montville
18.  #33      Travis Burrows         Sweden
19.  #00      Kimberly Knight        Chesterville
20.  #13      Shawn Emery           Lisbon
21.  #36      Richard Spaulding    Lewiston
22.  #89      Faith Cleaves            Freeport
23.  #1        Billy Childs Jr            Leeds
24.  #24e    Jonathan Emerson    Sabattus
25.  #47      Brian Caswell            Buxton
26.  #61      Matt Dufault               Turner
27.  #79      Travis Lovejoy           Alfred
28.  #4x      Curtis Gleason           South Portland
29.  #4        Jordan Russell           Norway
30.  #99x    Jeff Davis                   Woolwich



2016 Top Gun Shootout Rules.

All competitors MUST submit an entry form prior to pit entrance and circle the declared track rules you will be competing under. This will be binding for the event and CAN NOT be changed. Wiscasset Speedway, Beech Ridge, and Oxford Plains are the ONLY track rules that are being honored for the TOP GUN Shootout.


The following rules will apply to all competitors’ regardless of declared track rules.

  1. Max track width 64 ½” measured center to center of tires. No wheel spacers allowed. Width must be obtained with wheel offsets.
  2. All body panel must be steel. Note : Aftermarket fiberglass hoods WILL be permitted (all other body panels must be steel.) Engine compartment must be fully contained.
  3. 6” ride height. (Engine cradles height and width will be compared to like models.) Frame dimensions may not be altered to gain frame height. Nose piece and side skirts must be at least 5”.
  4. Wheelbase, clips, and suspension components (including sway bar) must match make, model, and year of car listed on entry form.
  5. RF camber will be a minimum of 1 ½”. May have more if your track rules allow. This will be measured from the top and bottom of rim.
  6. Maximum 54% left side. 2900 lb minimum.


Tires and rims.

Any car running 8” rims are limited to 57 pts of tire softness.

Any car running 7” rims are limited to 52 pts of tire softness.


Allowable tires:

Hoosier 790

7”  American Racer 705.

8”  American Racer 705.



Attendance at Driver’s Meeting is mandatory. 

Transponders are required

Qualifying Procedure:

  • 30 cars will qualify for the feature event through three qualifying heats and 1 consolation race.
  • The top 7 cars in each heat will transfer directly to the feature event.
  • The top 5 in the consolation race will transfer to the feature event.
  • There will be a minimum of 4 provisional positions chosen by Wiscasset Speedway.
  • Wiscasset Speedway reserves the right to alter the number of laps for any of the races or change the format of the shootout.
  • Following all qualifying races, up to 21 cars will be inverted in starting order (chip draw from fan)



PAYOUT 2016 SHOOTOUT (30 car field)

1st= $400;  2nd= $300;  3rd= $200;  4th= $150;  5th= $125;  6th= $120;  7th = $115;  8th= $110;  9th= $105;  10th= $100;  11th= $90;  12th= $90;  13th= $85;  14th= $85;  15th= $80;  16th= $80;  17th= $75;  18th= $75;  19th= $70;  20th=  $70;  21st= $65;  22nd= $65;  23rd= $60;  24th= $60;  25th= $55;  26th= $55;  27th= $50;  28th= $50;  29th= $50;  30th= $50



McKeages Top Gun Strictly Shootout

2016 Lap Sponsors: $25 to leader / $15 to 2nd place / $10 to 3rd place (each lap)

  1. Superior Speed Shop, Buxton.
  2. Super Cool Melissa
  3. Larry Smith
  4. Twisted Nickel Redemption, New Gloucester
  5. Ryan Hewins
  6. Scott Blake
  7. Petit Motorsports
  8. Gils Body Shop, West Bath
  9. Team Babco
  10. Embroidery Expertee’s, Sanford
  11. Dan & Sue Walker Racing
  12. Paul and Crystal Ferron
  13.  (tba)
  14. Tangles Hair Salon, Lisbon Falls
  15. AUTOFABB, Augusta.
  16. AUTOFABB, Augusta
  17. John Peters Motorsports,
  18. No Such Chassis, Buxton
  19. Glassman, Buxton
  20. Strictly Roofing, Waterville.
  21. Strictly Roofing, Waterville.
  22. LKQ Keystone, Gardiner
  23. LKQ Keystone, Gardiner
  24. Richard Moody Racing
  25. ASM Graphics, Scarborough
  26. JBR Racing
  27. InTown Road Svc, Portland
  28. No Such Chassis, Buxton
  29. Larry Smith
  30. Curt Porter Building & Remodeling
  31. BRMS Champ Louis Anderson
  32. Gerry Motorsports #7
  33. Details Inc. Arundel (Bonus Lap)
  34. KDW Landscaping, N.Conway
  35. White Rock Outboard, Gorham
  36. White Rock Outboard, Gorham
  37. Gerry Motorsports #7
  38. 38. Lyn’s Spring Service, New Gloucester
  39. KDW Landscaping, N.Conway
  40. Main Street Auto, SoPo



2016 Bonus Awards:


  • Heat 1:  Superior Speed Shop of Buxton  $150.00  

Heats:   1st $75.00,        2nd $50.00,       3rd $25.00


  • Heat 2 :  Main Street Auto of  S. Portland $150.00 

Heats:   1st $75.00,        2nd $50.00,       3rd $25.00


  •  Heat 3:  Tangles Hair Salon of Lisbon    $150.00

Heats:   1st $75.00,        2nd $50.00,       3rd $25.00


  • Mainly Motorsports Invader bonus:                  $250.00 

$50.00 to the top finisher from each of the following tracks.

Star, Lee, Beech Ridge, Oxford Plains, and Speedway 95.


  • Ames True Value of Wiscasset Winners Head Gear:

New cowboy hat to leader of lap 40.


  • Lyn’s Spring Service and Twisted Nickel Redemption Hard Charger Award:   $ 100.00

Starting vs. finishing position, Positions gained.


  • The Graphic Coop of Alfred Worst in Draw

Embroidered Hoodie and Hat.


  • Four Seasons Synthetics ½ Way Leader: $ 100.00

Awarded to car credited with leading lap #20.


  • Knight Family Racing Kids Inversion Draw:   $100.00    

Prizes awarded to youngster drawing inversion chip.


  • Detailz Inc. of Arundel  Lap 33 Top Three: $ 200.00

Additional bonus of $200 to car leading at conclusion of lap 33


  • AR Bodies Hard Luck Award: $ 250.00

$250 Product certificate toward a new strictly body awarded to the driver/team that we felt bad for. Redeemable at AR dealer.


  • Gerry Motorsports Lap 7 Bonus   $50.00       

Additional $25/$15/$10  to top three on lap 7.


  • Waddell Communication ½ Way Leader:    

1 new race receiver award to leader of lap 20.


  • ASM Product certificate    $125.00


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