2018 Enduro Rules

Enduro racing is a fun, simple and affordable way for first time drivers to enter auto racing and providing amateur enthusiasts an economic means to enjoy the sport.  For many years this popular racing event has challenged man and machine against the fast track oval and high banks of Wiscasset Speedway making for exciting entertainment.

We respectfully request regular weekly division drivers refrain from entering these events.  Instead create your Enduro car and have lots of fun supporting a family or crew member (who doesn’t have the opportunity to race) as your Enduro driver.  As they support you on a regular basis – this is a great way to say Thanks – and who knows you might discover the next Wiscasset Speedway champion!

DRIVER SAFETY REQUIREMENTS – drivers must wear the following required items at all times while on the racing surface. 

  1. Helmet must meet or exceed the Snell 2010 standard.
  2. Long pants, long sleeve shirt and gloves.
  3. Face shield, glasses or goggles.

Recommended not required

  1. One or two piece long sleeve SFI approved fire resistant suit in good condition and free of rips, tears or holes.
  2. Fire resistant shoes and gloves.
  3. Fire resistant underwear, socks, and head stocking.
  4. Head and neck support/restraint safety device.


  1. Any four (4) door passenger vehicle, front or rear wheel drive. Vehicles must be street legal for make and model, except for modifications made by these rules.
  2. No mini vans, pick-ups or convertibles.
  3. AWD vehicles allowed.
  4. Engine and transmission must be stock for make and model.


  1. ALL CARS MUST BE COMPLETELY STOCK. Complete body bumper to bumper must be intact.  Stock floor pan, firewalls, trunk floor and wheel wells must be in place.  Hood must remain on at all times.
  2. Stock gas tank only.
  3. Engine and transmission must be stock for make and model.
  4. All suspension parts must be stock for make and model. Suspension cannot be altered except to gain right front camber.  No spring rubbers, bump stops, chains, limiting devices, etc. allowed.
  5. Stock ride height must be maintained.
  6. No gutting of any interior or exterior body parts. Factory dashboard must stay in place.
  7. Batteries must remain in stock location.
  8. Air bags must be removed/disabled.
  9. Driver seat with seat belt and shoulder strap required. Three-point harness recommended.  Rear seat bottom cushion must be removed with rear seat shelf remaining as a fire stop.
  10. Sunroofs and holes in floor boards must be covered and properly secured with sheet metal.
  11. Both bumpers must be secured with safety chain or a minimum of quarter inch (1/4”) cable. This is mandatory – cars dragging a bumper will be black flagged.
  12. All vehicles must have front and rear tow hooks.
  13. All doors must be welded and chained shut.
  14. Bars for driver protection are optional and recommended using minimum of 1¾” piping or square tubing only. Bars must remain within the interior door shell must extend past ends of door attached with welding or bolts. No forward and rearward bars.  No bracing.
  15. Front windshield in mandatory. Minor cracks allowed as long as taped on both sides and meets Tech and/or Race Director approval.  All other glass, lights, trim, chrome and plastic must be removed before entering Wiscasset Speedway property.
  16. All carpet and upholstery must be removed.
  17. Exterior “add-ons” deemed to be hazardous by Tech and/or Race Director must be removed.
  18. NO ANTI-FREEZE ALLOWED. Water is the only allowable coolant.
  19. Exhaust must extend beyond the driver. Stock exhaust manifolds only.  No headers.
  20. All four (4) wheels must have working brakes. No exceptions.
  21. Racing regulation window net with quick release attachment required to be securely installed on driver side window. Plastic, plastic brackets, tape, wire or any other makeshift window net creation and/or mounting devices will not be acceptable.  Window nets must be securely fastened at all times when car is on racing surface.
  22. Minimum three (3) pound fire extinguisher mounted with quick release metal bracket within reach of driver when belted in. Extinguisher must be operational with full gauge reading.  Plastic brackets, tape, wire or other makeshift mounting devices will not be acceptable.
  23. No communications are allowed.


  1. Maximum seven inch (7”) wide stock wheels. No racing wheels.  All studs and lug nuts must be in place.  Hub caps and wheel weights must be removed.
  2. Tires must be stock passenger car tires – 60 series sidewall minimum and 400 treadwear minimum for all cars. No racing tires will be allowed.
  3. All four wheels and tires must be same.
  4. One inch (1”) camber is allowed on right front tire only. Camber measured on the rim.


  1. Numbers must be on the roof and doors in large contrasting colors. Race Director & Scoring must be able to clearly read your number.  A three by three (3×3) white square is recommended in which the number would be painted black for maximum visibility of identification and scoring.


  1. Minimum age of drivers is 16 years of age. Drivers under the age of 18 years, must have parental consent, parental signed minor release forms and a parent as part of their race team in the pit area.
  2. Any participant injured during an Enduro event must report to Track Officials and/or EMS.
  3. Remember this is Enduro racing – not a demolition derby. Intentional damage will not be tolerated and shall result in disqualification.
  4. Transponders are used for scoring and shall be available to rent for $20 at Pit Gate. You will need to leave your driver license until you return the transponder at the conclusion of your race.  Transponder brackets are required and may be purchased at the same time for $10.  We will help with further instructions and location.
  5. In the event the number of entries exceed the number of available transponders, we request each car be prepared to provide one (1) competent scoring person. All scorers should have a pen, clipboard and will be further advised at meeting prior to the race.
  6. Event distance may be changed due to number of entries, time constraints, weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  7. Any vehicle not removed from Wiscasset Speedway property by the closing of the race event shall become the property of the Speedway. Cars shall be removed by the registered owner only.  Identification may be required.  No selling or signing over of cars on the Speedway property.
  8. Any car losing a wheel, having a flat, losing gas or dragging a bumper must exit immediately. All repairs must be made in the pit area and not on the track.
  9. All cars & drivers will be required to complete a pre-race inspection with Wiscasset Speedway Tech.
  10. Flagman runs the race and will use Only Green & Red flags during the race. Green flag indicates Go.  Red flag indicates Stop Immediately.  Under Flagman’s instruction, Track Officials & Track Warning Lights will also display Green and Red.  Red flag displayed only in emergency situations and all cars required to come to an immediate stop as safely as possible.  When Green flag displayed all cars shall start from where stopped.
  11. Any vehicle leaving the track during a red flag will remain in the pit area for the remainder of the race.
  12. No passing on the original Green flag until your vehicle has crossed the start/finish line. On restarts, passing may be done anytime after the Green flag is thrown.
  13. The Checkered Flag will be displayed to first car that completes the required number of green flag laps, thus declaring the winner.
  14. Vehicles that are disabled but in the Race Director’s opinion, do not pose a threat to others, shall remain in place. Drivers shall be exited from the vehicle upon display of Red flag and only with Track Officials assistance.  Should a vehicle need to be removed, it shall be towed to the infield to be reclaimed after the race.
  15. All hands, arms heads, etc. must remain inside the vehicle while the race is under green flag conditions.
  16. All pit stops must be made in a safe and orderly manner. Pit area speed is maximum of 5mph.
  17. Loss of a wheel or tire requires immediate exiting of the track. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  18. Vehicles may return to the race when repairs are complete and under the direction of Track Officials.
  19. Any and all discrepancies shall be heard at the end of entire race event at the Tire Barn with Track Officials and/or Speedway Management.


Motorsports At All Levels Pose A Risk To Your Well Being. Following The Rules Set Forth By Wiscasset Speedway In No Way Guarantees Or Suggests Your Safety.

Wiscasset Speedway Reserves The Right To Modify This Document At Any Time.  Such Modifications Will Become Effective And Enforced On The Next Race Date.

Last Edit – 1/24//18

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