Specific To Pit Gate & Pit Area



  • Everyone entering the Pit Area shall pay the required entry fee.  The entry fee paid by a driver shall enter him/her for one race event; drivers wishing to enter for more than one race event shall pay an additional entry fee to keep the payout system fair and consistent.  Upon entry, drivers must additionally register for their race event.


  • Prior to entering the pit area, every person must register appropriately at Pit Gate.  Those under 18 years of age (hereafter referred to as Minors), must also present a current and complete Wiscasset Speedway Minor Release Form.  We request all minors 12 years and under to be accompanied by an adult at all times.


  • Only vehicles towing race cars will be allowed to park in the pit area.  All other vehicles may be allowed for the purpose of delivering equipment, people, etc. and then must return to the public parking area.  Wiscasset Speedway offers a shuttle service and will gladly help with special needs & requests – just let us know.


  • The speed limit in the pit area is 5 mph for all vehicles. Always Use Caution and Remain Alert In The Pit Area.


  • Concrete pads in the pit area are the parking positions for race cars only. During special events, every attempt shall be made to locate visiting race teams on undesignated pads; however, should a mistake be made, the pad will remain the possession of the visiting team for that race meet.  Should this be a concern to you, please arrive early for the event.


  • Pit pads not in use on a given race meet may be assigned to any other team for use that day by Wiscasset Speedway Management.


  • No race car shall carry passengers at any time while in the pit area or on the racing surface.


  • No person(s) shall have any claim whatsoever for disqualifications, damages to the car and/or driver, expenses or otherwise against track officials, owners, operators or promoters.  All entries though Pit Gate understand the potential hazards and risks and agree to self-responsibility.


  • Any person(s) involved in an accident with a possibility of injury, are to notify race officials immediately for evaluation.  Any person(s) denying possible injury, opts not seek and/or refuses evaluation by track medical team forfeits any and all insurance protection.


  • Wiscasset Speedway will help with the disposal of race tires.  We request tires to be disposed of piled at one corner of the pit pad prior to your departure.


  • Wiscasset Speedway will help with the disposal of trash and race car debris.  We request race car debris to be piled at one corner of the pit pad and trash placed in the provided trash receptacle prior to your departure.


  • Wiscasset Speedway Management will review all disputes and infractions, reserving the right to determine if any disciplinary action(s) need to be taken.  All involved will be notified prior to the next regularly scheduled race meet.


  • Wiscasset Speedway Management reserves the right to reject any entry for failure to comply with the Rules.  Any individual(s) not complying with the Rules shall be penalized as set forth in these Rules or as determined by Wiscasset Speedway Management.


  • Any incident not covered by these rules may be decided upon by Wiscasset Speedway Management and may be made a rule for the remainder of the season.


Last Edit – 11/20/17

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