Specific to TECH



  • All race cars entering the pit area are subject to a Compliance Inspection. It shall be the responsibility of the Driver to see that his/her car is inspected before going onto the race track.


  • Wiscasset Speedway Technical Inspectors shall have the right to inspect any car at any time.  Refusal to submit to technical inspection is your right; however, car and driver will not be allowed to participate in any racing events.


  • To facilitate timely inspection, the driver and one crew member shall be allowed in the inspection area.


  • Wiscasset Speedway instruments for weights, measuring and gauging shall be used in determining official results.


  • Top five (5) finishers of every feature must go directly from the track to the inspection area.  Going to your pit area first will be considered illegal resulting in disqualification – forfeiting position, purse, trophy, and points for the race event.


  • At the time a competitor wins their third (3rd) feature win or any time thereafter, they may be subject to an in-depth engine inspection.  Any competitor refusing engine inspection will be disqualified – forfeiting position, purse, trophy, and points for the race event.  Neither car or competitor will be allowed to race again until they submit to required inspection.  Cars and/or competitor’s failing engine inspection will be disqualified – forfeiting position, purse, trophy, and points for the race event.


  • Engines used in competition may be subject to a detailed or partial disassembly inspection.  All cars/engines will remain in the designated “Tech Impound Area” until an inspection can be complete with Tech.  Items to be scrutinized to include but not limited to the following:


  1. Bore Size
  2. Crankshaft Stroke
  3. Camshaft lift at the lobe
  4. Carburetor and spacer/adapter
  5. Intake manifold
  6. Intake & exhaust valves
  7. Cylinder head with one (1) of each valve removed
  8. Rocker arms
  9. Camshaft followers (lifters)
  10. Any item not listed but deemed necessary to determine rules compliance
  11. Wiscasset Speedway will make a reasonable reimbursement for the cost of gaskets for any engine that passes inspection.

SEALED CRATE ENGINE – Engine to be removed from the race car with the following components removed:

  1. Clutch & Flywheel
  2. Starter
  3. Exhaust Components
  4. All accessories & pulleys
  5. At this time Wiscasset Speedway Management will take possession of the engine assembly, carburetor and adapter/spacer.
  6. These items will be transported to a dynamometer facility for testing. Following a warm-up period to get to operating temperature, the engine will make two (2) power pulls to verify output.  All testing will be done using Sunoco Standard Race Fuel unless the car owner supplies his/her own fuel.
  7. Wiscasset Speedway will bear the cost of this testing for all complying engines.
  8. Every effort will be made to return the engine to Wiscasset Speedway for pick up in a timely manner.
  9. Max HP rating for sealed crate engine and following numbers are assuming your carburetor passes all aspects of the gauge system. Speedway Management will allow a maximum of four percent (4%) over the factory rated output.
    1. GM602…..350 x 104% = 364HP
    2. GM603…..355 x 104% = 369HP
    3. GM604…..400 x 104% = 416HP
    4. GM604 w/legal cam change = 475HP max

Last Edit 11/20/17

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