HEAT POINTS : Heat winners in all divisions are awarded 10 championship points. Each position back from 2nd to 5th will be awarded 2 points less than previous position. Drivers finishing 6th position back receive 0 points. (Example : winner = 10pts; 2nd = 8pts; 3rd = 6pts; 4th = 4pts; 5th = 2pts; 6th = 0pts; ..etc)

FEATURE POINTS : Feature winners in all divisions are awarded 50 championship points. Each position back will be awarded 2 points less than the previous position. Example (winner = 50pts; 2nd = 48pts; 3rd = 46pts; 4th = 44pts; 5th = 42pts;.. etc)



A handicap system is now used to create heat lineups.

A driver’s Handicap # = Lineup Points / # of race events run

For info on lineup procedures, go to “General Rules” section.



* No points are awarded for races specified as non-point special events. (i.e. Coastal 200; Boss Hogg 100; Top Gun Strictly Shootout; Outlaw Mini 75)

* Any driver who is disqualified from a race (event disqualification) or disqualified as a result of a failed post-race inspection, will forfeit any championship points, trophy, and purse money accumulated during that race event. They will also be assigned 62 points toward their lineup handicap (see Lineup Rules under “General Rules”)

* A driver must take a competition green (either heat OR feature) to get credit for attending a race event, in order to be awarded points or prize money.

* Clarification = If a driver has already fulfilled the requirement of taking a competition green flag by running in their heat race, they only need to make an attempt to race the feature to get feature points. An “attempt to race” means they must drive onto the track under their own power for the start of the feature with the intent to race. If they experience a mechanical failure while on the track before the green flag is shown, and they are not able to return to the track, they will still get credit for the feature and will be awarded last place points.

* If a driver misses the start of a heat or feature, they can still come out to race whatever laps are remaining in their race. They will still be scored based on whatever laps they complete and will be awarded points and/or prize money based on their official finish position.

* Points are awarded to the driver. Purse money is paid to the person listed on the driver information sheet under the “Check payable to” section. Any other arrangements are strictly between that person and the driver.

* Any discrepancy in points or finishes must be addressed within 2 weeks of the event.


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