2017 Top Gun Strictly Shootout


2017 Top Gun Shootout Rules (pending).

All competitors MUST submit an entry form prior to pit entrance and circle the declared track rules you will be competing under. This will be binding for the event and CAN NOT be changed. Wiscasset Speedway, Beech Ridge, and Oxford Plains are the ONLY track rules that are being honored for the TOP GUN Shootout.


The following rules will apply to all competitors’ regardless of declared track rules.

  1. Max track width 64 ½” measured center to center of tires. No wheel spacers allowed. Width must be obtained with wheel offsets.
  2. All body panel must be steel. Note : Aftermarket fiberglass hoods WILL be permitted (all other body panels must be steel.) Engine compartment must be fully contained.
  3. 6” ride height. (Engine cradles height and width will be compared to like models.) Frame dimensions may not be altered to gain frame height. Nose piece and side skirts must be at least 5”.
  4. Wheelbase, clips, and suspension components (including sway bar) must match make, model, and year of car listed on entry form.
  5. RF camber will be a minimum of 1 ½”. May have more if your track rules allow. This will be measured from the top and bottom of rim.
  6. Maximum 54% left side. 2900 lb minimum.


Tires and rims.

Any car running 8” rims are limited to 57 pts of tire softness.

Any car running 7” rims are limited to 52 pts of tire softness.


Allowable tires:

Hoosier 790

7”  American Racer 705.

8”  American Racer 705.



Attendance at Driver’s Meeting is mandatory. 

Transponders are required

Qualifying Procedure:

  • 30 cars will qualify for the feature event through three qualifying heats and 1 consolation race.
  • The top 7 cars in each heat will transfer directly to the feature event.
  • The top 5 in the consolation race will transfer to the feature event.
  • There will be a minimum of 4 provisional positions chosen by Wiscasset Speedway.
  • Wiscasset Speedway reserves the right to alter the number of laps for any of the races or change the format of the shootout.
  • Following all qualifying races, up to 21 cars will be inverted in starting order (chip draw from fan)



PAYOUT 2017 SHOOTOUT (30 car field)

1st= $400;  2nd= $300;  3rd= $200;  4th= $150;  5th= $125;  6th= $120;  7th = $115;  8th= $110;  9th= $105;  10th= $100;  11th= $90;  12th= $90;  13th= $85;  14th= $85;  15th= $80;  16th= $80;  17th= $75;  18th= $75;  19th= $70;  20th=  $70;  21st= $65;  22nd= $65;  23rd= $60;  24th= $60;  25th= $55;  26th= $55;  27th= $50;  28th= $50;  29th= $50;  30th= $50

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