Enduro racing is a fun, simple and inexpensive way for first time drivers to enter autoracing while providing amateur enthusiasts an economic means to enjoy the sport.  For many years this popular racing event has challenged man and machine against the fast  short track oval and high banks of Wiscasset Speedway making for exciting entertainment.

  1. Minimum age for drivers is 16 years of age. Drivers under age 18 year must have Parent Signature for permission.  Open to amateur and regular weekly racers.
  2. Transponders will be used for scoring and shall be available to rent for $20 at the Tire Barn.  A transponder bracket will be required and may be purchased at the Tire Barn for $10.  We’ll help you with further instructions & information.
  3. In the event the number of entries exceed the number of available transponders, we request each car to be prepared to provide one (1) competent scoring person. Scorers should have a pen and clipboard and will be instructed at a meeting prior to race. All scorers must attend the meeting.
  4. Event may be run counter clock-wise on a dry surface, wet surface or combination of both. Flag Pole events will also be held.
  5. Event distance may be changed due to number of entries, time constraints, weather, curfew or unforeseen conditions.
  6. Any vehicle not removed from Wiscasset Speedway property by the closing of race event shall become the property of the Speedway.  Cars shall be removed by the registered owner only. Identification may be required. No selling or signing over of cars on Speedway property.
  7. Any 1960 or newer passenger cars, sedan or station wagon, with four (4),  six (6) or eight (8) cylinders allowed including front or rear wheel drive V6 cars.  Vehicles must be street legal for make and model, except for modifications made by these rules.
  8. No leaf spring vehicles allowed.
  9. No turbo-chargers allowed.
  10.  NO pick-ups, convertibles, or vans allowed.
  11. AWD cars are allowed to compete (must remain stock).
  12. ALL CARS MUST BE COMPLETELY STOCK. Complete body bumper to bumper must be intact. Stock floor pan, firewalls, trunk floor and wheel wells must be in place. Hood must remain on at all times.
  13. Both bumpers must be safety chained to keep bumper from dragging. Cable may be used and must be quarter inch (¼”) minimum. This is mandatory. Anyone continuing with a dragging bumper or flat tire will be black flagged.
  14. Any car losing a wheel, having a flat, losing gas or dragging a bumper must exit immediately.  All repairs must be made in the pit area and not on the track.
  15. NO ANTI-FREEZE ALLOWED. Water is the only allowable coolant.
  16. All doors must be welded or chained shut.
  17. All glass, lights, trim, chrome and plastic except front windshield must be removed before entering Wiscasset Speedway property.  Full front windshield is mandatory.  Minor cracks allowed as long as taped on both sides.  All carpet and upholstery must be removed.
  18. Exhaust must extend beyond the driver.  Stock exhaust manifolds only.  No headers.
  19. Tires must be stock passenger car tires, 65 or 70 series only and maximum seven inches (7”) wide.  (60 Series for 4 Cylinder Enduro) and filled with air only.  All tires must be same size/series tires.  60 Series Tires will be allowed on all Enduro Cars. 
  20. One inch (1″) of camber is allowed on right front tire ONLY.
  21. No racing tires permitted.  No buffing, shaving or cutting or tires will be allowed.
  22. Maximum seven inch (7”) wide stock, steel wheels. No racing wheels allowed.  All studs and lug nuts must be in place and hub caps must be removed.
  23. All cars must have four (4) wheel brakes in proper working order. No Exceptions.
  24. Bars for driver protection are optional.  Bars must remain in cockpit area and may not go through firewall.  No forward or rearward bars.  No bracing allowed.  Remember, if it didn’t come from the factory – it does not belong.
  25. Driver seat with seat belt and shoulder strap is required.  Three point harness is recommended.  Rear seat bottom cushion must be removed with rear seat shelf remaining as a fire stop.
  26. Window nets and fire extinguishers will be required.  
  27. All cars will be required to go thru pre-race inspection with Wiscasset Speedway Tech.
  28. Numbers shall be assigned by Wiscasset Speedway.  Keep doors and roof clear for numbers.  A three foot by three foot (3’ x 3’) white square is recommended in which the number may be painted in black for maximum visibility. Scorers must be able to clearly read your number.
  29. No communications/radios will be allowed.
  30. Remember this is an Enduro race, not a Demolition Derby.  Intentional damage will not be tolerated and shall result in disqualification.
  31. Any participant injured during an Enduro event must report claim to Pit Steward to be eligible for insurance coverage.  No claims will be considered unless reported prior to leaving on event day.
  32. Drivers must wear the following required items at all times while on the racing surface. 
  1. Snell Foundation approved helmet dated no older than 1995 and in good condition.
  2. Face shield, glasses or goggles.
  3. Long pants and long sleeve shirt.

Recommended not required

  1. One or two piece long sleeve SFI approved fire resistant suit in good condition and free of rips, tears or holes.
  2. Fire resistant shoes and gloves.
  3. Fire resistant underwear, socks, and head stocking.
  4. Head and neck support/restraint safety device.


Motorsports At All Levels Pose A Risk To Your Well Being.  Following The Rules Set Forth By Wiscasset Speedway In No Way Guarantees Or Suggests Your Safety.

Wiscasset Speedway Reserves The Right To Modify This Document At Any Time. Such Modifications Will Become Effective And Enforced On The Next Race Date.

Updated 3/23/17

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