Divisions & Rules

Divisions are now set for the 2018 season and rules have been posted. Track tire rules are also posted so check out your division for the updates.  Wiscasset Speedway reserves the right to change, reduce or eliminate a division if they are not able to sustain minimal car counts. For questions concerning rules, we encourage you to contact us using the contact page on this website or email us at wiscassetspeedway@gmail.com.



per published Wiscasset Speedway rules, and instructions from our Technical director, we will be enforcing the track’s muffler / exhaust rule. This is to take a proactive approach to cooperation with the town of Wiscasset.

For details, see your specific division rules


The 2018 season schedule will be split into 2 groups that will alternate each week, providing an affordable & flexible season for racers and a healthy variety of racing action for our paying fans. Plus, each week may include a “Flex” division to make a 5 class weekly show presentation. These “Flex” division races will include regional touring series (Nelcar Legends, NEMA, Wicked Good Vintage Racers, etc) as well as a mix of our own fun races (Enduro’s, etc)

2017 Groups .. (see 2017 schedule for details)

GROUP 1 – Prostock,  Super Streets,  Thunder 4’s,  N.E. 4-Cyl Prostock

GROUP 2 – Late Model Sportsman,  Strictly Street,  Outlaw Mini’s,  Modifieds



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